NOKKA – Tiputtamattomat öljy- ja etikkapullot


NOKKA are a pair of oil and vinegar bottles designed to suit with the SHAKE salt & pepper set. As well as being easy to differentiate and refill, the design has concentrated on the spouts of each bottle.

The brief was to design a non drip spout. This was achieved by placing a ready made ‘drip’ at the end of the spout which prevents the oil or vinegar dribbling down the edges of the bottles. As well as being non drip the spout of the vinegar bottle has been designed to have only a small hole so it is easy for you to control exactly how much vinegar you add to your salad.

Available as individual bottles or in gift sets. This Gift Set includes one bottles for oil, another for vinegar and a birch veneer base on which one side have been given a dark walnut colored stain, while the other side remains a light color.

Available in White, Black, Cobalt Blue, Terracotta Brown

Designer: Anna Palomaa (launched 2007)

Material: Porcelain, Cork, Birch Veneer

Size: Oil bottle 24cm, Vinegar bottle 18cm, Base 16cm, thickness 6mm

Made by hand at the Tonfisk Design factory in Turku, Finland


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