Tässä on muutama viesti, joita olemme saaneetasiakkailtamme vuosien varrella:

- We have known Tonfisk since 2008, when we saw the beautiful mugs at a shop in Tienmu, Taipei and bought two mugs for ourselves. We then bought a Tonfisk set of teapot and cups for my best friends wedding in Xi’An, China in 200. On a visit to China in 2019, I found my that my friend has been using the set every day since 2008 and cherishes the cups a lot for his Chinese Oolong Tea. While my Tonfisk cup broke in early 2009, my wife has been using her cup in the office everyday, it’s official designation is the “chef cup” and nobody else is allowed to use it! This year, we watched the Netflix show “Restaurants on the Edge” and saw your interesting story and how the cups are made. We immediately went on the internet and to our happy surprise found that you deliver to Taiwan. So we ordered a new complete Tonfisk set directly to our Taipei home and are now very happy to have this beautiful set for our weekend teatime ritual. Erling and Huai-Wen (Taipei, Taiwan)

- Dear Tonfisk, I saw your studio in an episode of Restaurants on the Edge. I looked up your website and all of your designs were so beautiful. I love the crinkle vase and candle stick that I purchased. Best Wishes, Elizabeth (Oklahoma, USA)

- Loved your story, handmade quality and unique design. Shipping was super fast and we are very happy with the product! Shelley (Virginia, USA)

- I was traveling from Seoul to Amsterdam and had a layover in Helsinki. I wanted to bring him a souvenir and as we are both a fan of Nordic design, I was on the lookout in the airport. There was a Finnish design shop and my eyes were immediately drawn to the espresso cup set. We’ve both loved them for a few years now. Whenever we’ve had them out when company has come, they’ve always asked about them and I’ve been happy to tell them about your company! For our recent anniversary, I know the larger mug set would be a great addition to our kitchen and we absolutely love them after only a few weeks. I plan on adding more of your products to our kitchen bit by bit. The design is beautiful and the craftsmanship is a very good quality. I honestly have no improvements for the company at the moment and just wish I could have all of your things right now. Scott (Utrecht, Netherlands)

- We are completely enthusiastic about your design. We saw you on the TV series Restaurants on the Edge. The design is special and the combination of wood and ceramics was particularly successful. Keep developing great designs ;-) Thank you and we will definitely buy from you again! Ralf (Berlin, Germany)

- I first heard of Tonfisk on the Netflix show Restaurants on the Edge I believe it was. I feel I’m love with the creamer/sugar container and ordered it. Then at Christmas was gifted with the tea set. I ordered simply because I loved the innovation and design and you cannot just pick them up at your local store. I personally look for products that are different and unique. You are doing a fantastic job. Desirae (Tennessee, USA)

- Thank you to Tonfisk for dealing with my order as promptly as world circumstances allowed (COVID) with delivery hold ups. Tonfisk kept in touch with me so I knew what was happening and this was much appreciated. Today, our package arrived, beautifully packed, not one breakage and the pieces all I wished them to be, beautiful. Thank you to the Tonfisk team.Irene (Beaumont, Australia)

- I just wanted to say a big thank you for our new wine glasses. I was concerned about ordering glasses on line but they were packed so well and delivered with such care that there was no need to worry. We absolutely love them and look forward to putting them to good use! Treasa (Dublin, Ireland)

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