Finnish Open-Faced Sandwich Recipe

Looking for a new take on breakfast? Open-faced sandwiches are a popular go-to in Finland. The key to this delicious meal is a good, strong rye bread and a high-quality smoked salmon or rainbow trout! A typical open-faced sandwich is constructed in the following way using the ingredients listed below: 

-rye bread, sliced
-high-quality smoked salmon or rainbow trout
-1 cucumber, sliced into ribbons
-fresh dill
-fresh black pepper, ground (Murska² grinds dry spices very quickly)

1. Butter a slice of rye bread
2. Make thin ribbons of cucumber and set aside
3. Add a large piece of fish to the buttered bread and top with cucumber ribbons, a fresh dill sprig, and freshly ground black pepper.
4. Serve with coffee or tea (in a classic WARM mugs might we suggest) and start the day strong!


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Finnish Open-Faced Sandwich Recipe


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