Essentials of a Scandinavian Home

Looking to redecorate your space or need some design inspiration? If you want to achieve a Scandi look to your home, there are couple key things that you’ll need to consider.

1. Color scheme: Scandi homes tend to keep a fairly neutral color scheme with varying shades of grays and whites.

2. Natural elements and materials: House plants of all shapes and sizes are another element in many Scandi homes. Materials are important too. Some common materials used in Scandi homes are woods with a natural finish, concrete, rattan, linen, wool, leather, and warmer metals like brass or copper.

3. Keep the décor simple and minimal. Less is definitely more. Check out our Pinterest board for some ideas!

Finnish design is, arguably, the most minimalistic design of all the Nordic countries. Historically, Finland was a very poor nation and the people did not have an abundance of materials to work with. Design was born out of necessity – make an item both functional while also aesthetically pleasing. This is where the Tonfisk Design idea of “Form follows function doesn’t mean all objects have to look the same” really takes root. All of our products serve a function for your everyday life while also providing an aesthetically pleasing experience doing so with our unique twist.

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Essentials of a Scandinavian Home


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