The Perfect Gift for a friend - The WARM Cup

Buying a gift for your loved one is always wonderful and challenging at the same time. The goal is probably to give a personalized gift to a friend. The kind of product or idea that they can't wait for. The kind of product that they fall in love with at first sight.

The situation mentioned above is common, but still there is no one-size-fits-all solution available. The challenge is, of course, that each gift recipient is different and each person has their own preferences. So there is no one gift tip that suits everyone. So what would be the solution?

Finns are known to be at the top of the world in coffee consumption relative to the population. On average, Finns consume up to 10 kg of roasted coffee per year. You don't drink as much coffee anywhere else. A coffee package is probably one of the most popular gifts in our country, but it is not a very personal gift.

WARM Mug – a gift for a friend that will make you happy!

If your friend is an avid coffee drinker, we have the perfect gift idea for you. The WARM product series is a personalized gift for a friend who longs for everyday pampering moments with good coffee. You can get to know WARM products from this link. Coffee is strongly associated with enjoyable moments, where it doesn't matter what kind of cup or mug the coffee is drunk from. Different coffees also require different mugs. WARM mugs are handmade in Finland.

Naturally, tea is also its own form of art, and tea lovers long for the relevant products for their moments of pampering. The WARM product group also has great gift ideas for tea drinkers.

WARM is a Finnish design classic that was born in 1998. The products elegantly combine wood and porcelain. The wooden part is bent tightly around the porcelain mug. The wood acts as a handle and at the same time insulates the heat. WARM mugs are well suited for tea, coffee and, for example, mulled wine.

WARM 24cl Mug in Black with wood sleeve 

Choose a suitable gift for a friend! The wonderful different options of the WARM product series


Below we present a few wonderful options from this product line.

WARM Cappuccino Mug 16cl x 2pcs is the perfect gift for a friend who enjoys cappuccino the most. Visually elegant looking coffee requires an elegant mug alongside it. The design of the mug is classically beautiful and the wood brings a nice look and warmth to this mug. Mugs are available in several different colors and there is also a choice of wood tones. A real classic product for lovers of classic coffee! The recipient of the gift can enjoy his coffee from the new stylish mug together with you, because the package includes two cups.

WARM Espresso Mug 8cl x 2pcs follows the same style as the cappuccino mug above. Since it is an espresso mug, it is smaller in size.


WARM Tea & Coffee Mug 24cl x 2 pcs is perfect for a friend who prefers to enjoy tea time. The large 24cl Mug is a good choice even for the most ardent coffee drinkers who want a large portion of their coffee! This spacious WARM mug is also perfect for other hot drinks, such as cocoa or mulled wine.

Domestic design is always a great gift idea for anyone. There are enough disposable products everywhere, so you should invest as much as possible in quality and Finnishness. If the gift matches the recipient's personal preferences, such as coffee, the gift is a success in all respects. The WARM product series is stylish and practical at the same time. It is ideal for everyday use and always reminds the recipient of you in the best pampering moments over delicious coffee or tea.

The Perfect Gift for a friend - The WARM Cup


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