Is the coffee bag always opening up? The measuring spoon always missing? Can't find the filters? and everything is a mess if left beside the coffee machine?

No longer with Tonfisk Design's Mini Coffee Corner!

Tonfisk Design's Mini Coffee Corner has a moveable holder for coffee filters which presses down on the Coffee Bag under it, keeping it closed and the coffee fresh. The Measuring spoon is hung on the front of the filter holder. As the coffee is used the filter holder can be pushed lower and lower as it is held onto the stand by magnets allowing it to be moved up and down.

The Mini Coffee Corner can stand freely or be hung on the wall.

NEW NOVEMBER 2021. Available exclusviey directly from Tonfisk Design.

Coffee, Measuring Spoon and Filters not included!

Size: 31 x 16 x 8,5cm

Color: Black, Birch wood

Materials: Birch veneer, Painted Metal

Made in Turku, Finland at Tonfisk Design's Factory

Designer: Brian Keaney



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