NOKKA non drip vinegar & soya bottle 20cl


The NOKKA non-drip vinegar & soya bottle has a special spout design to ensure it is non-drip. Designed and made by hand in our workshop in Finland, the vinegar bottle has a 'drip' at the end of the spout which holds onto the last drop when pouring and prevents it from running down the bottle. The hole of the spout is only roughly 1mm in diameter to ensure the flow of vinegar is controlled.

The vinegar & soya bottle is easily to refilled through the cork on the side of the bottle.

Available in White, Black, Cobalt Blue, Terracotta Brown

Designer: Anna Palomaa (launched 2007)

Material: Porcelain, Cork

Size: Vinegar & soya Bottle 18cm (20cl). Base 7cm diameter

Packaging: Brown Cardboard Box.

Made by hand at the Tonfisk Design factory in Turku, Finland


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