Colorful Noteboards

Our sister-brand Kotonadesign creates stylish and functional noteboards that work with chalk and magnets. Founded by a mom of 3, Mia Battilana developed and established Kotonadesign in 2004. The idea came to her when visiting a carpenter's shop where she noticed a large bin of scrap wood of various sizes. She loaded up her car with the scrap pieces and Kotonadesign was born.

Since then, Kotonadesign has been producing a range of colorful noteboards that work with chalk and magnets. Easy to clean, simple installation and strong magnets have been part of the secret to Kotonadesign's success. 

In 2017, Tonfisk Design purchased Kotonadesign after many years of cooperating together. All products are assembled at the Tonfisk Design factory. 

Our goal is to have a Kotonadesign noteboard in every home, office, and restaurant! All parts are produced, designed, and assembled in Finland. Further, all of our products are made in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. We hope you enjoy!


We ship from Finland to almost anywhere in the world.


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Gift Wrapping

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Careful Packaging

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