Moonlight Noteboard, 400mm diameter


Our Moonlight Noteboard is both an LED lamp and a magnetic notice board. You can also dim the light by ‘landing’ the included rocket magnet roughly 5-7cm above the base of the orange cable. This place is not randomly chosen. In 1968, the Surveyor 7 Lunar Lander landed on that part of the moon. One of the discoveries made from that mission was a glow above the horizon of the moon when it was dark.

The power cable is 2,5 m long. Power is 5w with a standard EURO, CEE 7/16 socket. Other country socket fittings are available upon request. For indoor use only. The light switch is located on the cable roughly 50cm from the board. The lights are low voltage, warm white, LEDs.

Designer: Mia Battilana

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