Circle Noteboard 50cm, Mint


The colorful round Kotonadesign Noteboards can be used in the home, office, restaurants, cafes, and more! The notice boards have a painted metal board glued to a 4cm deep plywood frame. They can be used either as like a blackboard or a magnet board as magnets also stick to them. So you can write memos and you can hang up drawings, schedules, and keys. Easily cleaned with a damp cloth. A flathead screw is included for installation. The frame has a groove on which it hangs on to the screws.  Kotonadesign Noteboards make remembering fun.

Sizes : 50cm diameter, 4cm deep, round / circle

Color: Mint

Materials: Metal, Plywood

Packaging: Brown cardboard Box

Weight: 2 kg

Designer: Mia Battilana

Made in Turku, Finland by Tonfisk Design


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