SOINTU Foldable Candle Holder, Tall


SOINTU is a sensible and elegantly designed candleholder with unique flexibility. This flexibility allows SOINTU to embellish any space with ease. SOINTU's clever design allows it to be pulled out straight, folded up, and to be used in a myriad of positions in-between. This means it can be used in many settings, can be folded up for easy storage, and arrives in a compact delivery box.

SOINTU stands on four natural cork feet. The soft cork feet will keep the candleholder from damaging your surfaces, while the painted, durable aluminum body ensures that SOINTU lasts you a lifetime. 

SOINTU’s appearance will fit into any interior decor style, from Traditional to Ultra Modern. Bring a piece of Finnish design into your home with SOINTU. 

Designed by Finnish architect Vesa Arosuo. 


Dimensions: height: 37cm


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