Overcoming Creative Block: Tips and Ideas

Creative block is so frustrating to deal with. You feel totally empty in your head and like you’re going nowhere. All the good ideas are gone and trying to get over this hurdle seems impossible. Don’t worry though! We’ve come up with a list of ways to help you get past creative block. Let us know if any of these work for you!

1. Redefine the issue. For example, if you’re designing a plate, instead of thinking “How should I design this?” reframe the question as “How would Jimi Hendrix design this?” (or whomever else you can think of). The idea with this strategy is that by reframing the issue, you’re forcing yourself to considering things from an unfamiliar angle. This can really get the creative ideas flowing!

2. Look for patterns when you’re experiencing creative block. Does it happen on Mondays? Does it happen after lunch? Take notes and maybe you’ll notice a trend happening.

3. Get out and move! Go for a walk, do yoga, take a swim. Getting your body up and active is known to produce those amazing feel-good hormones and boost energy. Even simply seeing some greenery can be so helpful.

4. Choose one thing you love to make/draw/paint, etc. For 30 days, make that same thing 30 different ways. This can be done with different mediums, positions, colors, elements, etc. Just push yourself to do something vastly different than the day before while keeping the subject the same. For example, if your favorite thing to paint is a cat, paint that cat 30 different ways for 30 days. You’ll be surprised at how your creativity shows itself in other forms.

5. Don’t beat yourself up! We all experience creative block at one point or another and getting upset or disappointed in ourselves doesn’t resolve anything. Try one of the techniques above (or any others that you like) and see what happens. If those ideas aren’t working for you, don’t forget that stepping away from a work when you’re stuck is absolutely okay too! Sometimes we just need a break and stepping away for a bit to recharge our creative batteries is completely fine.

You aren’t alone in experiencing creative block and there are tons of other resources online that can help. Talking it out with a friend can be especially beneficial too. If any of these techniques work for you, or if you have other ideas you want to share, please let us know! We’d love to hear them.

Overcoming Creative Block: Tips and Ideas


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