S+M+L Noteboard Set Hexagon

€190.00 €218.00

Kotonadesign Noteboards can be used in the home, office, restaurants, cafes, and more! All noteboards work with chalk and magnets so you can hang up drawings, schedules, and write down important memos for the week. Easily cleaned with a damp cloth and comes with a flathead screws for installation. The back of the frame contains a groove from which the board is hung from the screw.

The board is made of a painted metal board glue to a 40mm thick plywood frame.

The hexagon board can be hung either in diamond format (with one scre) or horizontal (using two screws)

This set contains all three sizes of the hexagon notebaords, diameters 26cm, 41,5cm and 52,5cm.

Weights: 1kg, 1,6kg, 1,9kg

Kotonadesign Noteboards make remembering fun!


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